Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thriftty Thursday- Vintage Song Books

I found these books at the same garage sale as the wooden puzzles. The gal was selling them for .10 a piece! I couldn't believe it, but quickly snatched them all up. The colors are SO beautiful. I often just sit and flip through them- getting more color inspiration than from a style magazine. 

 They are filled with adorable songs and gorgeous pictures.

 This one is a favorite

 Good thing at least one of us in the house is musically inclined (It's the handy one, in case you're wondering.) or we'd never know what most of these sound like.

The bindings are so beautiful- Aren't the color combinations perfect? lime and burnt orange, purple and robin egg blue, navy and fun.  Anyway, now i'm trying to figure out the right way to display them.
The 1950's were so cool.


Anonymous said...

My kids have a few books with very similar illustrations. Maybe the same artist...? I love them, too. And you can read them to your kids, and when they grow out of them you can turn the books into art! Double win!

Cailan said...

These are amazing cute, Sister - what a find! Can't wait to see what you figure out to do with them - though reading them is pretty good idea, I suppose. ;)