Tuesday, July 19, 2011

school/play/craft room panic

So, i was walking in Target today and had a mini panic attack when i turned a corner towards the back of the store and realized i had just entered School Supply World.  I have always felt a twinge of anxiety when school supplies show up in all the stores towards the end of july. Even when i was little, i felt annoyed that the stores were stealing my last few weeks of summer...the same way i feel when i see Christmas decor in Hobby Lobby by August....grrrr.

 Anyway, today the anxiety was because i promised myself i wouldn't buy the fun stuff like markers, crayons, paper, glue, notebooks etc. until my school/play/craft room is ready for September- aka KINDERGARTEN! And boy, is it a LONG way from ready.  For the record, i know we could start kindergarten on our kitchen table [and that's probably where we'll end up eventually] but for me, and my mental state, its very important to have our school space official and organized before we start our first year. So, right now i'm making lists, collecting paint chips, sorting through junk, moving furniture and hoping to start making some real progress soon. In the meantime i thought i'd share some inspiration photos. The color in these just makes me happy. :)

{pioneer woman}


{land of nod}


And just to keep it really real, here's a photo taken of our school room a few months ago. I'm happy to report it hasn't looked this bad since this pic was taken. yikes. Stay in touch. i'll keep ya updated.


Jennifer and Jaimee said...

the handmade home is really an adorable site! :)
Don't despair... your schoolroom will be looking great soon with all that inspiration! be sure to have the kids help you dear! :)

Virginia Lee said...

Okay, I have to say those decorator pictures are nice. But not real girlo. Where are the whirling dervishes that are going to move everything around and leave crayons and pieces of paper everywhere? Now that's real! =)

The picture of your craft/school room below, that's what my homeschool closet looks like right now.

Hopefully you can get somewhere in between decorator and whirling dervish.

We miss you all!

Cailan said...

I am VERY EXCITED to see what you come up with, Sister - I know eventually it will be SUPERB. :)