Sunday, July 17, 2011

wedding bells

My sweet little mom got married a week ago. It was simple yet very lovely and we're so happy for them both. Here are some pics a friend took of the evening. 

This is one of my favorite pictures. Isn't she cute!

Oh, and see the poofs in the background?? Sister i stayed up until 12am the night before the wedding making tons and tons of these because we had a vision. Not a very clear vision but we knew it would have to involve poofs and lights somehow. And thanks to Handy Andy, we didn't have "poof" bombs falling all night. (15 min. after she and i finished taping all 20+ poofs to the ceiling, they started randomly falling down one by one. So...Andy had to go back through, tie them to push pins and re-attach them to the ceiling. He's so handy. and nice.)

Here's handy Andy's wonderful younger sister, Bethany and my Madeline. We coaxed Madeline to smile for the first one with the promise that after a "serious" one we'd let her show off her "silly skills".

And here's the most pathetic picture of the night- Sophie mourning the loss of her Nana. In almost every picture of the reception- from toasts to exiting down the church steps, Sophie was at Nana's side....and then the inevitable came- she had to go. in the car. with her husband. without sophie. There were many, many, many tears. All the way home in fact. So much for being the MAMA. oh well. :)

Here's a little happier note to end on- the sweetest mom ever and the most wonderful friend, who also just happens to be my lovely Sister.


Kim said...

You and your sister look so much like your mom. What a wonderful photo!

Jaimee said...

awww!!!! so incredibly sweet! we are so very happy for your mother ~ such a cute couple! you got some adorable pics (and the silly one was super!). I love the poofs and lights; the vision turned out beautifully. Someday you two can decorate at my wedding, okay?! :)
Poor dear Sophie ~ rather traumatic, huh?! The last pic is my favorite - such lovely-happy mother and daughters. Love and miss you all!
~Jaimee and Jennifer

Ashley said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding for your Momma! I love the photo of the 3 of you are all so beautiful!!