Wednesday, August 17, 2011

how to make "white space" happen

So, i'm sure you remember my chaotic "before" picture of this school room shelf? Well, as i mentioned earlier, i had previously tried to organize it by getting several plastic containers AND putting labels on them. Buuuuuut, it still looked messy and disorganized. THEN my friend mentioned the whole "white space" idea and i instantly knew that my clear plastic bins were the problem. However, i had just spent money on them and besides, sturdy, plastic, solid white containers are not to be had in my neck of the woods. I did found some online at IKEA and The Container Store, but those were inconvenient and more expensive than the walmart sterilite bins i already had.

So, what did i do with this clear plastic problem of mine??
Well,  I bought a couple cans of Krylon FUSION spray paint for plastic. It took about 2 coats, and i only did 3 sides on most of the containers to save on paint. But in the end, the fronts and sides were nice and opaque.
 Cool, right?!  i will admit that it can rub/chip off just a bit, but it gave me the white space that i needed and in a hurry and will do just fine until i decide to replace them. (IKEA did just move an hour away from me!!!)
Oh, and just fyi, the green crates are from Target this season. They were about $3.50 a piece.
There you have it, now you can make white space happen too. :-)

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Jaimee said...

Megs! when I read how you painted the containers, I said: "cool!" :) Then I scrolled down and there you said it yourself. :)
I just love the new look ~ very clean and organized. I'm inspired again. And I hadn't heard of white space before... thanks for the heads up!
Tons of love!

Nicolette said...

Wow, so smart! I have so many of these clear boxes. Adding this to my to do list. Thanks!

Myah said...

This is a good idea, has it chipped off the plastic yet?! Also... I've read of putting a piece of material over containers that don't have lids - of just over the whole darn thing. I haven't done it, but I bet it could be cute! :) I like closet doors!

Katie said...

Very clever! The closet looks great. I was just thinking this morning how I so need to reorganize our tiny linen closet...again. One small closet for six peoples linens=mess most of the time.

Rusty said...

i wish i could find those green containers you have there. I looked and target dosent carry them anymore, not even walmart has the green ones. I need them to complete my daughters chuggington display i bought. I have the red and blue just need the green to go with koko. If you know where else i can get them let me know please