Friday, June 24, 2011

we planted a garden

In between painting our house, handy andy flying a TON, kids with strep throat, getting ready for my mom's wedding and keeping the 4 children fed and alive, Handy Andy and i realized we had an unfulfilled dream to take care of... So off to Lowes we went, bought some of these dandy-already-well-established veggie plants and stuck them in a dirt patch on the side of our house that we weren't (and still aren't 100%) sure will sustain life...

Veggie life that is, as we are positively sure it can happily sustain the life of digger bees. Andy and i first discovered several of their little hole/nest things and then started noticing lots of these green little guys flying around and disappearing in the dirt. We persistently attacked them with our shovels, spray bottle, rocks, flip flops all the while nervously ducking (and running, in my case) until we went inside looked them up, found out they were harmless and went about our "gardening" business and left them to dig, i guess.
Here's one of the little holes they dig. cool eh?
So, anyway, back to our garden. We bought 3 bags of dirt to give our little patch a head start. then we got 2 cherry tomato plants, 1 grape tomato plant, 3 zucchini plants and 1 pumpkin plant.
Here's the "squash patch". Kinda concerned that once they really start growing we'll realize they might be planted a little close? maybe? nah.
And i'm happy to report that:
1) they have been watered consistently
2) therefore they are still alive
3) signs of fruit are starting to appear! big, big yay. 

Don't worry, we'll keep ya updated.


the Lavins said...

happy gardening! way to go, Meagan! I'm sure it will do just fine... we have plenty of cucumbers we could share with you btw! :)

Cailan said...

Yay for fulfilling unfilled dreams RIGHT NOW! ;) You people are very amazing can-do people, and I'm sure I will be envying your pretty produce in no time.