Sunday, April 10, 2011

ft.collins fun and our downtown date

If you want to have a super fun "downtown date" here's what you do:
1. get to ft.collins, drop kids off at grandparent's house
2. Check yourself in at the Armstrong Hotel. It's right in the heart of old town and has tons of fresh charm.

 3. Hop on one of these ultra fabulous cruisers that are complimentary to Armstrong guests and ride around the back streets.

 4(and this is a big one!)- make your way over to "snooze" for breakfast. it is SUCH a happy, energetic place. seriously, i could have set up camp and hung out there al day. 
I had a pancake slider which included 3 unusual and delicious pancake flavors and andy had an amazing egg benedict.


5. Shop around old town. My two favorite places are "white balcony" (i bought a real cute hat there and refrained from buying everything else!) and "the clothes pony". I could spend hours here. They have every kind of quirky, quality cuteness for kids and mommas- toys, clothes, books, gadgets, bags... lots and lots of fun. thanks handy andy for spending nearly an hour here! :0

If i had a little more time and we hadn't already spent forever in the clothes pony i would have definitely made up residence in "mama said sew". I think i probably deserve a nice little pat on the back for walking by it in the interest of anniversary togetherness! - and this was even after handy andy saw my wistful eyes and told me i could go in if i really wanted to! ;)

6. Next, take those cruisers and go on a little bike ride by the river.  

maybe you'll get to watch a train go by! ;)

7. Trade out your bikes for the car and then head a little further  south on College ave and pull into "Larkburger". Enjoy super, super great gourmet burgers in a superb atmosphere.

Well, there you go. hope you plan a downtown date soon! :)


Jennifer and Jaimee said...

how cute, Meagan! Looks like you both had a great time together! :)
we'll keep all these places in mind for our next trip to CO!! ;)

Cailan said...

You two are so good about documenting your outings! Great pics. So glad you had fun. (And I'm looking forward to that NEXT visit to CO, Jaimee and Jennifer! Hope it's soon. :)

meg + andy said...

me too J. & J.!!! come soon! :)

Gaspord Adventures said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time. :)

Cailan said...

Hey! I was checking to see if there was something new and almost thought I was in the wrong place - I LOVE the new blue with the orange - perfect!

Katie said...

Looks like such fun. The three stores that you mentioned are my three favorites in Ft. Collins :). I also like to pop into Ten Thousand Villages and the cool kitchen shop of which the name is escaping me.