Thursday, April 21, 2011

thrifty thursday- pair of owls

i found this cute little pair for $2 a piece at the our local ARC store. i brought them home and showed them to Will (our 5yr old) 

Will is generally a pretty fun-loving, rowdy, imaginative, goofy little kid but he also has this little grown-up, 1st born streak in him that comes out occasionally in statements like, "wow, mom, i really like what you did with the valentine decorations. that red heart looks really nice up there. good work." or "yikes, your room is kinda a mess." or "i like your hair. it looks really good."  

So, when i showed him the owls i also told him i was thinking of painting them. to which he replied, "oh. yeah, that would look great. maybe a nice brown or gray. and leave their beaks and eyes yellow. and the trunk brown." 

To which i replied, "ummmm i was actually thinking something a bit more fun. like maybe orange or turquoise."

He looked at me like i had seriously lost my mind. cocked his head a bit and after a long pause said, "uhhh.... yeah. but owls are usually brown or gray." 

well, moving along. the votes still out as to what they'll be painted but either way, i think they're fun.


Cailan said...

Oh Will, he cracks me up. Such a cutie. I'll look forward to seeing the fun-painted owls. ;)

Kimberly said...

Oh!!!! I LOVE owls!! These are so cute and I think they would look darling painted turquoise! ;)

Audra and Roger said...

You're such a great thrift-er! You've actually inspired me to start visiting the overcrowded antique store around the corner and I have found many lovely treasures...I just might have to start a "Thrifty Thursday" blog too:)

Audra and Roger said...

And seriously, how cute is Will!

Virginia Lee said...

I have to go with Will on this one. Those look like Great Horned Owls. So reddish brown, grey, white. Yellow eyes though. Just like yours have.

I get ya Will. You make perfect sense to me. =)