Sunday, April 3, 2011

7 years. whoa.

Today is our 7th anniversary! We watched our wedding video with the kiddos for the first time last night and it was a little surreal to sit with our 4 children and watch andrew and i get married. we looked like such babies..Anyway, we're heading out to send the kiddos to their grandparents so we can have a little get-away for the night. yay!
wow, don't ya just LOVE the perkiness in my hair that day? heehee 

love you handy andy- you're the bestest. ever.


Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest couple! LOVE seeing your wedding photo here... we remember seeing the pics at your home almost seven years ago. what a lovely wedding. God bless you both with many, many more!

Cailan said...

As a matter of fact, your hair was perfectly lovelyperky that day - it looks like happy hair. ;) It's a beautiful pic - hope you two have a sweet time celebrating! Love, Sister

Virginia Lee said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary Day To You!

The Rogers' Family

Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary you two!! You do look very young in that photo, but very, very happy as well!! Hope you had a great time celebrating!

Katie said...

Congrats! My husband and I will be celebrating our seventh anniversary this June and will probably also sit with our four kids and watch our wedding video :). Seems like a lifetime ago almost.