Thursday, March 31, 2011

thrifty thursday

 i thought i'd share with you a few little thrifty finds i happened upon this week.
Going to the thrift store is such a treat - it's always so fun to browse around, hoping to find a treasure- just like a huge indoor garage sale. Plus, going to one gives me great motivation to get rid of some unused/unneeded stuff. i usually reason with myself that if i'm going to go all the way over to donate some stuff i just might as well pop in and take a quick look. Here's what i found this week and the total was about $9.00

-a cute little button-up shirt for ben, 5 great books for the kids and one little blues clues coloring book for my adorable blue's clues-loving nephew, a white mug and......
this fabulous chair! I'm sooo excited about this little chair. it's kinda grungy but i can't wait to scrub it down and try out some of that "fusion plastic spray paint" to give it new look. doesn't it remind you of your chair in kindergarten?! 
 On a side note, my friend, Kimberly, is a completely amazing thrifter-and just recently wrote a great post about some really helpful rules and tips to thrifting. check her out here: The ThriftArchives


Jennifer said...

Meagan! You found some great things here! Have fun with that chair :)

Gaspord Adventures said...

Way to go Meagan! I love thirft shopping. :)
Can't wait to see what you do with the chair.

Audra and Roger said...

I remember reading Round Trip when I was younger, it was one of my favorite books:) Great finds!