Thursday, March 24, 2011

girly clips

Yesterday afternoon i decided to make a some hair clips for a few girlies in my life. We go through hair clips as fast as we go through pull-ups around here so i try not to spend a lot of time making them because i know they'll eventually just end up in a bowl of spaghetti or in a pile of mud. But in the meantime, they are necessary and fun.
So, here are the basic supplies i started out with: 
-glue gun 
-nice sharp scissors
(i was just given this pair by a friend and they are FANTASTIC!
-felt scraps 
(wool blend felt holds up much longer than the synthetic, but if you're loosing them every month or so- who cares?!
-Beads, buttons, ribbon scraps
-metal hair clips
*side note: i usually use the basic "alligator" clip with or without teeth. i like the teeth for thicker hair but they can be a little bulky and sometimes pull on hair when removing. the snap clips are nice for babies but i think they require a little more work to decorate.

So then, ya just kind of cut and glue. Cirlces are my favorite because they are so easy. i used to sew on the beads but now i just glue them to save time. HOWEVER, if you're making these for a baby that likes to pull them out and suck on them i would probably sew or leave any buttons/ beads OFF entirely.
So easy and real cute.

have fun decorating the little girls in your life!


Virginia Lee said...

Meagan, will you be selling these in your shop? If so I would love to buy some from you.

Ashley said...

I LOVE these! I might have to pay you to make some for Avery and baby #2!! ( we are still reconsidering her name!) These are just too cute!

Cailan said...

My little girl and I LOVE Aunt Meg's girly clips - so cute.

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

what fun! they're really cute, Meagan!

Anonymous said...

Love them, Meagan! So cute and cleverly made!!!

Gaspord Adventures said...

Opps! the anonymous was supposed to be "me", Joelle!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Love them all!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Those are so cute! My 2 year old won't leave anything in her hair, but my 6 year old loves em!