Friday, March 18, 2011

March Mantel

Just for fun, i took a few pictures of the various stages my mantel went through after i took down Valentine's day decor and tried to make it more suitable for Spring. Take note of the smiley face balloons. i think they add a nice touch.

 i feel kinda bad that baby ben isn't represented on our mantel...poor guy. :) Oh, and btw, my grandma painted the daffodils! It's my favorite artwork in our house. Does anyone notice anything unusual about it?? 

(hint: stems) I keep meaning to ask her if she did it on purpose.


Jennifer and Jaimee said...

love seeing the progression on your mantel! It's so tasteful - very fresh looking. :)
Yes, we'd like to know what your grandma says about the painting!
Miss you all!

The Treese Family said...

looks good, wish we had a mantel:( the painting is very beautiful, stems or not;)