Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sister love

The girls turned 3 yesterday. I have many hopes of more love, sweetness, patience, hugs, kisses, potty in the potty and quiet bedtimes for this year. We sure do love them [even if they do drive us a teeny bit crazy at times].
mmmm, enough to melt this momma's heart

 These are the little skirts i've been dreaming up for the last month and thankfully the girls wore them without a fight yesterday. They'll be wearing them again this weekend with a little shirt i made to along. Pics to follow soon!

 All ready to go on their birthday date with daddy...


Cailan said...

Oh my. That first photo is so absolutely, completely precious. I really need a copy of it pronto - please!?

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Happy Birthday to the girlies! they look like little princesses :)
Can't wait to see the matching shirts that you have in the works.
Give them hugs for us!!
~Aunties Jennifer and Jaimee

Audra and Roger said...

So precious! And what a talented mom you are - love the skirts:)