Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday party week is complete

We kicked off the week with a really fun combined party for our twins' 3rd birthday and my little nephew Elias' 4th birthday which was also this week. The kids had a wonderful time with papa and linda.
Will even got some pirate action in between the birthday activities. and the "fin fin" friends (pictured above) were a huge hit all around. 

A couple of days later we got to go to Elias' "blue's clue's" party. My sis  pulled off a really fun time complete with notebooks to jot down the 3 blue's clues which led to a fun surprise for all the kids.  Elias even got a "thinking chair".They all LOVED it!

Then at the end of the week we had the girls' party with the other side of the family. 
(nana and girls, grandma, aunties and uncle, little cousin gideon who is man enough to proudly wear a pink party hat and auntie bethany)

Here are a few more of the party decor etc. The girls asked for a "pink party" several months ago and although there were a few times that sophie broke rank and announced she wanted a "brown and blue party", i pretty much held them to it since it sounded like such a fun and easy theme to go with. And rest assured, i'm fully aware that most of this was done as much for me as it was for the girls. i'm positive they would have been completely happy with just about anything as long as it included sugary cake and 3 candles. The fact is i enjoy this kind of therapeutic outlet way too much to let the opportunity pass by. There are so many great ideas out there.  i'll try to give credit where i can. :)
i got directions for the poof balls from martha stewart online. the bunting is just scrapbook paper sewed together and i used the template from jonesdesigncompany for the party hats
the menu was really simple- just 3 kinds of sandwiches: pb&honey, egg salad and meaty sub, chips, then grandmas brought fruit and veggies, and we had punch and juice boxes for the kids


Joe said...

Pink for girls;Blue for boys; the usual color of birthday party simple yet still works.My wife will make her own invitation for my son's birthday this May and i will not be surprised if it is blue.
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Ashley said...

What an amazing party!! I love all of your decorations and details! Did you make the cakes? You are seriously mom of the year!! Love you Megs!!

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Meagan, you inspire us to no end! What a perfectly beautiful pink birthday. :)
We so enjoyed seeing EVERY picture!
Much love to all of you!
~Jennifer and Jaimee

andrew said...

Ash, the girls' cakes were just from a box- fake, gross pink strawberry. The big cake, for everyone else, was a bit yummier coconut cake recipe that i love. :)
you girls are so sweet- thanks for the love!

Katie said...

Their party looks beautiful! Great job on the decor. Love the bunting shirts too. So cute!

Katy said...

I have LOVED catching up on your recent posts just now - you are so creative and make it all look so effortless. Looks like the girls and your nephew had wonderful birthdays - I particularly love the girls' bunting T-shirts. Well done! Katy (in London)xx

Glenn said...

What great birthday fun! Love the decorations and pictures - the girls are just beautiful! And I especially love how in the pic of Sophie, Madeline and Elias with their cupcakes, Madeline has her backpack on:)

Glenn said...

Actually, that was Jenny commenting :)