Friday, March 4, 2011

quick ruffled tote

Here's a quick gift idea: get one of these lovely totes from Michaels (make sure you print off a 40% off coupon from their website!) then put some ruffles on it!
Here's the tote before ruffles, still cute but kinda plain
Sew three strips of ruffles by setting your machine to a basting stitch or as the case with my machine, i don't have a basting stitch so i had to figure out the secret tension, width and length combo to create perfect ruffles every time. btw, this took a lot of trial and error but once i figured it out i wrote it on a index card and have kept it safe ever since.

Next, pin them on the bag and sew away.

Ta-Da! My sister and i were giving this as a combined gift so she added some goodies inside: some Tazo tea, a couple of fun magazines, a cute journal, gum, and  
this notepad, which was kind of my favorite part of the whole gift. definitely good for some laughs.


Ashley said...

So, so cute!!

Jaimee Lavin said...

that's a very cute bag! Y'all are so creative with special gifts!

love you!
Jaimee and Jennifer

Kristen said...

Super cute! With spring on it's way, I've been itching to spruce up my bag collection and brighten it up.

Unknown said...

very cute! I love ruffles!

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Navarro said...

No. Trust your investments as the Trustee Company. Class "A" shares.