Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Before all the pink, girly birthday craziness takes over this week I thought i'd share a couple of ben photos. He really is the sweetest, most wonderful little thing i've ever seen. We just can't hardly get enough of him. Even the girls will stop what they are doing when they walk by him to squat down, squish his cheek and with an even higher and more squeaky voice say things like, "oh baby ben, oh, oh, oh,baby ben. Mommy, LOOK at baby ben! he so cute. oh, oh!" it's pretty funny and pretty sweet.:)

so happy.
Do make sure you check back soon as i hope to have lots of pink and girly decorations, crafts, clothes and other party craziness to show you. Wish Will luck, this birthday week is always a little tough on him.  :)


Jennifer Lavin said...

he is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.!!!! We love baby ben! :)
super sweet post. we only wish we lived closer so we could hug him and party with the girls. Happiest of birthdays to the 3 year olds cuties!

love and hugs! ~Jaimee and Jennifer

Cailan said...

Baby Ben IS so cute! I can hardly take it myself, and it would be Impossible for Anyone to pass him by without finding him absolutely irresistible. And that's adorable about the girls fawning over him.

Virginia Lee said...

It's his eyes and his cheeks and his little sweet face. He is just too handsome!

But really, his eyes are beautiful. Can we say that about a boyo?! =)

Anonymous said...

Top photo of Ben wearing the hoodie... expression looks just like the classic Gerber baby. Heidi in KS