Friday, March 11, 2011

party clothes

A few months ago i was in baby gap and saw some cute tiered ruffled tulle skirts and thought, "wow, those would be sooo easy to make for the girls' birthday." Well, i think they would have been easy and by the second skirt it definitely got better, but oh. my. word. i just laughed my way through the first one. I'm so clueless: i cut the fabric the wrong way, sewed parts inside out, measured the girls waists incorrectly, had the tulle attached in all kinds of wonky directions, forgot to hem, barely left enough room for the was hilarious. i really cracked up whenever i got my camera out to take pictures! the thought of anyone looking at them to actually learn something is just serioulsly funny. Anyway, the 2nd one turned out a lot better but its still a little goofy. here's some pictures JUST for the fun of it. seriously. :)
i used this skirt to base my general dimensions/pattern on.

Then i hemmed the bottom and pinned the sides together. oh and btw, the white fabric is just a thin muslin-type cotton with tiny little white dots on it.

Then i cut tons and tons of 3 inch wide strips of tulle, doubled it and ruffled it with the machine. i made sure to leave very long tails on either end so i could stretch it out around the skirt.
Here Andy thought it would be fun to document the lead in the comedy show. ha!

here the sides and top are sewed up and then i inserted the elastic.
then i started pinning the strips of ruffles. i think i had about 8 rows of ruffles with 2 different shades of pink. and their placement was pretty random. on the first skirt i did about 5 and then realized it looked like it was molting so i added a few more layers in between the existing ones. The finished product is of course what the girls were wearing in the last post and what they will be wearing tomorrow for their "pink party" along with this shirt:
This shirt actually was really easy. i just cut out several little bunting triangles, put a little triangle of tulle on top of each, pinned them down then sewed all around the edges.

whoa, this got a little bright. hopefully tomorrow i'll get some good pics of the whole ensemble. :) Thanks for reading! :)


Cereal In My Stiletto said...

No matter how comedic you felt you were with the tulle skirts, I can assure you I would be hysterical to watch! :) I think they looked great! I LOVE the shirt and it seems "easy" enough and I am not even a seamstress. Great idea!

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Wow, Meagan! It's fun to see how they came together, and we think Andy should take more pics of you! :) We love the pink. Looking forward to phase two of your fabulous handiwork!
Have a super special day!