Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hi! it's me, "handy andy"

Well, today, for your special treat, you get to hear from "handy andy" himself. (isn't he a good sport to abide my catchy nickname?! especially since when he was kid he was quite adamant that "My name is AndDREW!" heehee) Anyway, we're in the process of tackling our play/school room so of course, i turned to him with the idea to build a handy dandy custom little table for the space. And now he's been oh so kind to start getting some ideas and making some plans.  Well, without further ado....here he is. :)

You may have been wondering who andy is, since I share the name of this most wonderful blog. It's me, the other half of the better half, Meg and the bread winner of our little kingdom.

Ok, so that's not what I look like now, but you've all seen me hanging around the blog, so I thought I'd show a new side(old) side of me.
I have to break from my line of thought and say that I love my Meg a ton. That's another way of saying that I don't know who, what, where, and when I'd be without her! Ok, that's enough of the gushiness.

When I was talking to Meagan about what I should post, I caught a glimpse of how cool she thinks I am, cause she said I could blog about how I fold hand towels. How I fold?  I mean, at least I should blog about something that involves a power tool. But I guess since I can be a bit of a tool, I could blog about anything and I'd have that part covered. No, seriously, I'd love to blog about really cool, amazing ideas, but you'll have to just put up with whatever comes into my mind at the time, which I must say can be random at times. Very random. For instance, I just wrote a whole two sentences about a grammatical error I just heard in a U2 song. For your benefit I deleted it, because I was SO random.

Ok, what to expect soon. I'm getting ideas for a craft table that Meg would like me to build.

Best place to start to get ideas- the high end stuff - Pottery Barn Kids:
Carolina Craft Table
Pretty basic, I'm not going for the drawers  (above my skill level for now), though I spotted one cool feature:
Carolina Craft Table
A paper roll - Now that, my friends, is something I can do! Imagine how nice it would be to just pull out a fresh roll for any craft time - catches glue, glitter, enthusiastic marker skills, and could easily be the canvas for a painting session.

Which brings me to my next idea for the table top:
Valspar 1-Quart Chalkboard Specialty Enamel Black
I envision a space under the paper area that would be a chalk board - simply for a 13 buck quart of paint! Think sidewalk chalk creativity all winter long...
Ok, at least it's cheaper than the diy dry erase version (30 bucks):IdeaPaint 8-5/16 Oz. White Interior High-Gloss Dry-Erase Paint (Covers 6 Sq. Ft.)

Ok, so for any more ideas I just did a craft table google search and here is the final idea:
P'kolino - chalk table(see - it was a good idea!) with storage. 
That's the kind of storage option I can swing!
Easier than drawers, but a couple of low organizers could cordon off markers, 
crayons, play doh, and paint equipment. 

Most likely, when i post the results, it will be a table made of 2x4's and a sheet of plywood - but hey, you've got to admit you enjoyed looking at these cool ideas!


Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Hey Andrew... or Andy! thanks for sharing on the blog today. The kids table is going to be great, but you've really peaked our interest with the special way to fold hand towels. :)
Can't wait to see pictures of this fabulous table in the near future!!

Cailan said...

Very fun to hear from you, Andrew! Esp. enjoyed your randomness. ;) Look forward to seeing what you come up with - you guys are such a fabulous team!