Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st school day

Well, we made it through our first day and actually had a lot of fun. The kids totally got into the teacher/mom phenomenon. The girls actually took it very literally; at one point madeline bumped her leg and  was kinda crying. i, of course, said "awww, are you okay?" Sophie piped up, "Are you the mom now, instead of the teacher since Madeline got hurt??" haha :) And every time we were in the school room, Madeline would call to me with, "Teacher, Teacher!"

Today was rainy, cloudy and a bit chilly, which ended up being a perfect day for the first day of school. Although, since it was so cloudy these pictures turned out kinda blah and grainy. I think Sister needs to come over and work some first day of school picture magic. How bout it? :)

Will had a bit of rough start. he woke up late and then got slammed with the news that he had to get dressed today- i know, how rude. His argument was, "jammies are clothes too." And then handy andy added insult to injury when he took Will into the bathroom to tame his bed head. To this he argued, "i really, really like bed hair." Don't we all.
But after a champion breakfast of doughnuts he got into the spirit and had a great day. He even yelled "YAY, its school time again!!' when the lunch recess "bell" rung. (who knows how long this enthusiasm will last, but i'll enjoy it while its here!)
He loved playing along with the whole teacher/ Mom thing and even "called" his teacher during lunch to chat about what the afternoon would hold. I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he said, "the cookie baking experiment and Calendar time. " awwww

 Madeline was a little spacey yet adorable, as always. She happily followed along with the activities but definitely in her own way. When Will and Sophie were drawing pictures in their science notebooks about their cookie baking predictions, she was drawing and dreaming about "bunnies..."

Sophie was eager from the beginning.  Eager to answer questions, take turns, use supplies, follow directions, and tell her brother and sister what to do as well. :) Love her. And she even wore a skirt today without a fuss. Granted, it was green, which is her all-time favorite color, but still. :)

 Here's a shot of the oh so talented administration. heehee (andy has a principal tag on if you couldn't tell) We love being professional. haha.

Oh and Ben. Little baby Ben was just giddy this morning. Maybe he smelled the doughnuts. But whatever it was, he was definitely in the spirit. :) 
School Room Tour is coming soon. So hang onto your seats.

***Just had to add these ones that i took this afternoon. Since we were doing a science "experiment" Will was adamant about the safety goggles. safety first all the way. I love how kids think the dorkiest things are cool.


Virginia Lee said...

Go teacher Meagan! I am so glad your first day went well. How could it not with a cookie baking experiment. I wanna go to your school too. =)

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

hey there Teacher! this is so cute! wow, what a terrific first day of school. You're amazing!!!

Audra and Roger said...

You guys are too cute! I love the "Teacher" and "Principal" name tags:)

janeylynn05 said...

You guys are adorable. Miss you! <3

Cailan said...

Oh my, this post made me laugh - Will just cracks me up. ;) Everyone looks so bright-eyed and sweet as can be. You are an INSPIRATION, Sister!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your school room, awesome! I am homeschooling my 4 1/2 year old this year and we are starting a little late since we just moved homes this past month. Just wondering what curriculum you guys are using? Also I am looking to buy a map and some things for calendar time as well...where did you get yours?