Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Ben

  Baby Ben turned one year old today.
He started out pretty scrawny-just over 6lbs but still as cute as ever.
 He has been a calm, sweet, mellow, squishy little gift straight from Jesus since the very first day.

In a few short months he got nice and chubby
 He has lived this first year of his little life under the constant (and sometimes smothering) love of his 2 sisters and adoring big brother.

 He still has dark hair which makes me so happy.
He has been a wonderful sleeper even though i thought for sure i would ruin his sleeping habits with all the holding and moby wrap-wearing i did with him as a newborn. Those warm snuggle times were priceless.

 Our favorite names for him are, of course, Baby Ben. But I also love, Benny Boy, Benjamin Button, Benjamin Bunny and the Benster.

 I think Bow-Ties were made for him.
 He loves his bottle, but he loves me more. :)
 When he has been especially offended, his little face gets all blotchy and red.

 This was his favorite face for several months. It's one of my trademark faces so i'm quite pleased that he picked it up.
 Oh Ben!

You bring tremendous joy to our little family, we love you more than you could ever know and please don't grow up any more.
Happy Birthday, friend. Momma loves you.


Mommy Minded said...

Happy Birthday! LOVE all of the pictures!

Cailan said...

So perfectly adorable I can hardly take it!! He will always be our Baby Ben. :)

Virginia Lee said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Ben! You are one cute blessing.

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

Awww... love all the great pics of dear baby Ben!
Love to you all!