Monday, September 12, 2011

happy day at target (my favorite shirt is back!)

Let me introduce you to my best wardrobe friend last year....this lovely gray and white stripe knit shirt from none other but...Target.  I bought it randomly last year (on sale for $9 instead of a VERY pricey $12.00! ha) and wore it all. the. time I was going to go look back in my archives and post some proof of how often i wore this, but just believe me, i wore it with everything: with sweaters, under dresses, under short sleeve shirts, with skirts... There's just something about these stripes and the shade of gray that went with everything. 
 So, recently i have been lamenting how i wish it was from a more expensive store so that maybe it would have held up better than the average 1 season wear i usually get out of Target clothes.
 But either way, regardless of how much i'm willing to pay, i can't always find just what i'm looking for at any store and i had pretty much given up hope of finding a replacement for this greatness until......

last week, i was at......Target, of course, and what should i see? But my favorite shirt brought back this season with just a couple little changes (crew neck and gray knit around the neck). OH HAPPY DAY!
And then,  i found these super fun shoes for $14.99.  They are SO great. i love everything about them. And you will too, just look.
funky hemp braiding, perfectly distressed gray color, gray stripe elastic......AND
the cutest little owls inside. Nothing could make my feet happier....well, maybe a pedicure...
Aren't they just wonderful?! yay for happiness in the little things. And yay for Target. In the end, what would i do with it that fabulous place? Even if their quality doesn't last forever, i feel great about walking away with this kind of happiness for the price i paid. even if i have to repeat myself each year. ;)


Gaspord Adventures said...

So happy you found this again! :) Maybe I will have to buy one too?!?

Cailan said...

Those shoes are perfect! - just what you were looking for, but at such a great price.

Christine said...

Funny you mention how you wish it would last a little longer. I was just telling myself the same thing yesterday. I've noticed that certain shirts of mine and my daughters' seem to get icky after washing them a few times.. kinda like lint that's stuck on the fabric... It only happens with shirts that aren't very expensive... Not sure if it has to do with the polyester?