Thursday, September 15, 2011

sad to say good-bye... these 3 little ladies

 I was so very happy to hear that 3 little Canadian girls wanted to adopt them but now that they are all ready to ship out i'm kinda sad to see em go. :)

However, before i did, i thought i'd at least let you meet the newest one. In honor of the little girl she is being given to, her name is Lily-Rose. Isn't that such a sweet name?

She has a chambray body with 2 red vintage buttons, a sweet little yellow skirt with pockets, and long striped seer-sucker legs. oh and a little removable felt pin in her hair.

Her legs are my favorite part, they will be just perfect for chubby little baby hands to grab hold of and pull around the house.
Although when Handy Andy saw her for the first time, he looked at me with a face that kinda said, "ummm, sweetie, did you realize the legs were almost twice the doll's height?? cause, they are. hope you're ok with that." isn't it sweet that he even cares. :-) yep, i'm cool with it and i think the baby will be too.
 Well, anyway, i guess that's all except that i'm afraid my little dollie shop will probably be deserted for awhile now. oh well. :)


Jennifer and Jaimee said...

they are just ADORABLE! the girls are going to love, love, love their dollies. And the one with the looong legs is cute! :)
Miss you!

Gaspord Adventures said...

Super cute, Meagan! I love all the "little details" you put on each one - it makes them so personal and unique.

Anonymous said...

I love your little dollies! They are so creatie!

I hope you will stop by my tea blog and claim an award I named you for!

Christine said...

They are cute cute cute little ladies!! I'm sure they are going to a good home!!