Wednesday, September 14, 2011

camping, check.

 Well, at the end of august we crossed off one of the last things on our summer list. Camping.
 Our church organizes a young families camping trip each summer. They take care of all the food, tableware etc. so all we have to do is pack our entire house into our van, set up our tent, play and try to get a little sleep, if that's even possible.

We had a great time.

i mean seriously, with hot dogs, s'mores, dirt, fire, rocks and friends, how could anyone not have a great time?! :)

And amazingly, none of the twenty five kids (who all under 7 years old!) got hurt, lost or eaten by a bear. None of the adults got much sleep, but it was worth least for one night. :)

Can't wait till next year!


Jaimee and Jennifer said...

looks like a grand time! love the pics of baby Ben ~ wow, he is almost 1! you all look so happy. :)

we so enjoyed a chat with your lovely sister earlier this week... congrats on your recent order! so excited for you!

hopefully we can catch up with you in the next few weeks - much love!

Erin said...

Cute blog, cute kids, cute dollies!