Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First time for everything

 Well, i've been kinda out of touch with the little blog here lately. But don't worry, we're still here. We got hit with a virus early in the month and by the time it made its way to all 6 of us, we feel like we've been sick for 3 weeks. Anyway, next time someone gets sick i think maybe i'll just go ahead and swab her mouth, stick that swab in everyone else's mouths, THEN hand out huge lollipops to weaken everyone's immune systems. We'd all be sick together and then MOVE on with life.
But on the up side,  i had the opportunity to mow the lawn for the first time ever this last week. ALL by myself! Since Handy Andy was especially stricken with the cold + allergies, i thought it would be nice to give his sinuses a break. woohoo for excitement and adventure. It was actually quite nice, and the kids found it rather entertaining to watch me. Sophie was my little shadow and gave me thumb ups and lots of encouragement. ;)

Anyway, i think we're on the mend and i might even have a project to show you before the week is out.
Hope you all have been staying well and enjoying the nice fall days


Sew It Sherry said...

You look like a natural. I have to admit, I don't mind mowing the back lawn on occasions :-)

Cailan said...

Well aren't you just adorable And super capable to boot?! Love thinking about Sophie giving you a thumbs up. :)

Unknown said...

I bet it makes it go a lot faster with your own personal cheerleader! Hope everyone is feeling all better.

Virginia Lee said...

I mowed the front lawn quite often this summer. EVERY SINGLE TIME the kids were in awe. Makes me wonder if I am lazier than I think? =)