Saturday, October 1, 2011

baby ben's birthday balloons

 Ben loves balloons.

In fact, i think the other 3 kiddos were a little taken aback when they realized how fiercely he could scream when ever they tried to touch, let alone take any of his balloons.
He was perfectly happy crawling all over with them safely intertwined in his sweaty, chubby little fingers.  

And whenever he did get a little sad (like he started to be in the pic above) all he had to do was look up at his balloons and everything was right with the world again.

Even days later when most of them had fallen and were disposed of quickly and quietly, he still hung onto the remaining few and lived up the last bit of balloon-induced happiness.
Now you can look forward to next year, buddy! :)


Virginia Lee said...

Oh Ben. I love your sweet, soft brown hair and your sweet smile. You remind me of my Charlotte.

Hold onto that sweet one year old lots and lots Meagan. You know how fast it goes.

Cailan said...

This makes me want to go buy him more balloons...:) He's so incredibly precious!!

Gaspord Adventures said...

So adorable and sweet! I am glad he finally felt good enough to enjoy them. :)