Wednesday, October 26, 2011

baby shower gift fun

I got to celebrate 3 mommas and their new babies this weekend.One was a double surprise shower that was SO, SO fun.  Our church has now successfully pulled off at least 6 surprise baby showers. (one was for baby ben and me!) We're pretty proud of our achievements.
Anyway, I went with some basic go-to gifts: burp cloths, bow-ties and burt's bees. 3 B's. :)

I was pretty excited when i saw this "Extra Energizing" body wash. I knew it would be the perfect remedy for these exhausted moms with newborns! ha, If only sleep could come in a bottle! :)
Since the two mommas at the double shower both had boys, bow ties were, of course, in order . 
(Tutorial HERE)

Here's a detailed pic of the felt applique.
Felt is so easy and so wonderful to work with- no fraying or folding and comes in such beautiful colors
I got the terry cloth from towels that were on clearance at Target. The quality is SO much better than that which you find at a joanns or hobby lobby...
And the tan and blue linen are from old linen clothes of mine. I'm always happy to raid mine or my sister's "discard" pile for fun fabrics to use in projects.

Well, that's all. Baby showers are such wonderful excuses to get creative and enjoy celebrating an adorable new little life.

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m e g a n said...

so cute! Love the idea, especially being handmade!


Life With Lucy said...

These are so CUTE! The burp cloths are darling. I really love the one with the sunshine in the corner. Love the "3-B's" idea too. Thanks so much for sharing!!! I love your blog header and design too by the way! super cute!

Cailan said...

Cutest gifts I've ever, ever seen. I still can't believe you made these - you are amazing, Sister!

Anonymous said...

WOW! These are so sweet, Meagan. I love your ideas!

Gaspord Adventures said...

Opps! That last comment was supposed to be from me - Joelle :)

baby showers gifts said...

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mary said...

so cute! i just stumbled onto your blog, and love it! my mom brought me a bag of goodies after i had my son, and the burt's bees energizing body wash was in it. it's sooo wonderful, and such a treat. great pick!