Wednesday, October 12, 2011

fallishness randomness

If you are in need a some new blog fun and lots of great laughs you should (if you haven't already!) go meet Jami at  hello from the natos.
 She is seriously one of the funniest people ever. 
 But she's also real and honest and her family has a really awesome redemption story.
 jami nato also happens to be quite crafty and that is where i got my inspiration to make these burlap covered pumpkins. Aren't they cute?! I've had several of these fake pumpkins i got for next to nothing a couple of years ago and have never known what to do with them...Now i love them.

here's another little bit of fallishness. 

Have you seen what our fireplace area looked like before we painted it?? Here's a picture just for you.

Blech... I hope this inspires anyone who is on the fence about painting indoor brick. i think it is just about always a very good idea. yes indeed.

Oh and did you notice that super lovely globe in the picture above baby ben's head?? 
My wonderful mom bought it for me at a little vintage craft fair hosted by our favorite family pumpkin farm. It has a little sticker on the front that says 1954!!! and it was only $8. I am in love. I am also in love with the fabulous dust stenciling all over the shelf. It took many weeks of not dusting to achieve that effect.

Well, i guess that's probably all the globe pictures you'd want to see... 

Hope you're having a great, i just said weekend. and its only wednesday. I think i might be looking forward to this weekend a little too much. Five of my best girlfriends from junior high are getting together for a sleepover. This will be the first sleep-over we've had together since we were all 14. Pretty excited about this. :)

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Ashley said...

Beyond excited! Can't wait to see you and love the globe photos!

Kim said...

I love the fireplace area! What a difference a little paint makes. And great globe - we're going to a big craft fair this weekend and I hope to find some globes.

Kim at

Robert and Courtney said...

So cute, again great inspiration. I love the burlap pumpkins, the scrabble tiles and the dust circles. :)