Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ben's "World's Most Adorable 1yr old" birthday party

Here are some pics from Ben's party. You can see the invites here. The theme was loose but worked great with things i already and the style of my house. 
The road atlases i used to make the invites came in super handy for some easy bunting. I loved how it turned out and was kinda sad to take it down. 
And then i just shopped my house: globes, old books, alphabet cards, a vintage suitcase, scrabble tiles, fun fabric, and best of all, a cute baby boy who wore the same overalls that Will wore at his first birthday party. :) awww

The bow-ties were fun to pass out to the guests. i used lindsey's quick no-sew tutorial for these.

Here's Ben's very own smash cake. He wasn't too interested in eating it...poor guy, i hardly put any sugar at all in the cake or frosting so it was probably a bit of a let down! ha.

I love these pictures of Will. He was soooo excited for Ben's big day. side story: in the morning while i was drawing the world picture on the chalkboard, Will was busy writing a sign for the front door with Ben's name on it. As he walked by to tape it to the door, he paused by the chalkboard, and said, "oh wow, that looks great Mom, its so cute!" There's seriously nothing like the affirmation of a 6yr old. :)
We told him that he could help Ben blow out his candle... i thought for sure he would just go for it and get it over with quickly, but instead he gently blew so Ben could take it all in. So sweet.

Happy 1st Birthday Ben. You sure are loved!

Oh, and here are the little favors for all the sweet cousins and siblings...

And....just for my own fun, here are 2 pictures of Will on his 1st bday wearing the the little overalls. :)

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Vanessa said...

So beautiful!

MeaganMusing said...

This is such a cute birthday idea! I love the theme and it looks like y'all had so much fun!

jessi bridges said...

What a cute theme. And everything about it is adorable! Love the party favors and all the decorations.

Katy said...

What a wonderful party - I love your ideas, Meagan (and am always reading this blog - promise to comment more, sorry!). Your cute kiddies have a very very talented mummy!

Greta said...

Meg, I always try to take a look at my reader's blogs. And I thought for sure I had lookd at yours. But somehow I actually hadn't.
I love it!
You are adorable, your family is adorable, your house, this party--all of it.
So glad I discovered you for reall.
Love from,Greta

Randi said...

hi there! thanks for saying hello over on my blog :) comments are always fun. anyway, i recently found your blog through Pinterest. i had pinned your "super hero fort kit" a while back and with Christmas just a week away i thought i'd better get going on my handmade gifts! (i'm a last minute girl - it's bad). anywho, your blog is adorbale, and i'm so glad i stumbled upon it tonight. your family is so cute, and i wanted to comment on this sweet birthday party ... what a great theme! you are very sweet to leave such kind words about my hair :) i'll be reading ... take care!