Sunday, October 2, 2011

love that handy andy...

I love that handy andy can read my mind.
He didn't get home from his most trip until 11:30pm but he knew that stopping by Safeway and picking up some ice cream would still  be a very good idea.
AND he knew that even though he was kinda leaning toward the raspberry/chocolate,  he had better go with chocolate chip cookie dough instead (my favorite).
And because we are total party animals and he knew that i reallllly wanted to watch parks and recreation (our new favorite show!) he even suggested watching an episode while we ate our ice cream.
Such a great guy.


Kelly said...

can't beat that!
i stopped by from life made lovely!

Cailan said...

Whatta guy! That is so sweet - you people know how to have FUN!

Gaspord Adventures said...

so sweet! (in more ways than one!!) That "Handy Andy" know the way to your heart pretty well. :)

Jennifer and Jaimee said...

sweet post :)