Wednesday, April 6, 2011

thirty is the NEW three!

My sweet sister in law is one of the loveliest and youthful-looking gals you'll ever see and this year she turned 30! My twins turned three the same month so at their birthday party they were asking their auntie joelle when her party was and how old she would be turning. When she told them "30" they interpreted it to be "3" and were consequently SO excited with the thought that they were the same age as their auntie! this little mix-up got us thinking of a new slogan for joelle's 30th year: "30 is the NEW 3" . I mean seriously, why not? 3 is a GREAT age. So, my other sister-in law, mom-in law and i decided to run with it and put together this little gift to give joelle on our surprise "30 is the next 3" girls' day out a couple of weeks ago.
 here's a little box i mod podged with our slogan :) Then we put in all kinds of things that would delight any three i mean, thirty year old!
 "30 is the age of fanciful friends!"- when my 5yr old saw strawberry shortcake he persistently asked, "but what is auntie joelle going to DO with it??" I kept telling him the possibilities were endless.

Also included were:
candy- "30 is the age of sweet treats; rewarding the smallest of achievements"
silly bands, hair clips and flower pin-"30 is the age of accessories- the more the merrier!"
balloons-"30 is the age of parties galore- everyday is worthy of a celebration!"

Hope you have a happy "3 yr old kind of day" too! :)

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Gaspord Adventures said...

YOU are sweet Meagan to make my birthday so special.
I will not forgot it!
Love you!

Jaimee and Jennifer said...

aww, how cute! super sweet birthday stuff for a super sweet gal.

Cailan said...

Of COURSE, the possibilities are ENDLESS! Too funny. Oh my. This was such a sweet gift idea, Sister - so fun and plain perfect.

Unknown said...

such a wonderful gift! I love the 30 is the new 3 slogan as I turn 30 this month.