Wednesday, September 28, 2011

diaper box storage

 I've been busy trying to make and keep our school/craft/play room organized, functional and productive... the craft corner is turning out to be the biggest challenge of the room. My goal is to create more white space to make it feel less cluttered and one area that i tackled this week was above my sewing desk. The mismatched baskets full of fabric up on top of the shelf needed to go.  I grabbed 3 empty diaper boxes and did a little painting.
1) first i primed it to help cover the bright colors, then painted a couple coats of blue using some left-over paint samples from Ben's nursery.
 2) When the paint was dry i duck-taped the sides down

And that's it, nice, sturdy, free storage. :)


Christine said...

What a great idea!! I just happen to have diaper boxes coming out of my ears! hehe

Maria Taylor said...

What a great idea. I did not want to buy paper to wrap them. Thank you!!! I was looking for a picture that showed me if it is possible to paint the box and it still look pretty afterwards.